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首頁學術活動 第14屆森林生態系統國際學術研討會通知 THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL FOREST ECOSYSTEMS WORKSHOP-organized as a Webinar of three Sessions
第14屆森林生態系統國際學術研討會通知 THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL FOREST ECOSYSTEMS WORKSHOP-organized as a Webinar of three Sessions
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Forest Ecosystems (FECS) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing scientific communications from any discipline that can provide interesting contributions about the structure and dynamics of "natural" and "domesticated" forest ecosystems, and their services to people. The journal welcomes innovative science as well as application-oriented work that will enhance understanding of woody plant communities. Very specific studies are welcome if they are part of a thematic series that provides some holistic perspective that is of general interest. FECS is sponsored by Beijing Forestry University and published by SpringerOpen. This journal was officially launched in April 2014. All articles published in Forest Ecosystems are included in BIOSIS, DOAJ, Scopus, Zoological Record, and SCIE (2-year Impact factor: 2.696).

Up to now, we have organized 13 workshops. Our workshops are already known as prestigious and exclusive events convened in a relaxed setting for a small group of leading scientists, and have helped us to expand our network of international support. The 14th Forest Ecosystems workshop will be organized as a Webinar of three Sessions in view of the special situation in 2020.

《森林生態系統》(英文)是由教育部主管、北京林業大學主辦的生態學、林學類學術期刊,主要發表森林、生態、生物多樣性、大數據、氣候變化等方面的原創性研究和綜述類論文。本刊致力于為中外學者搭建高水平的學術交流平臺,提升我國在相關學科的國際影響力。本刊目前由國際知名出版集團 SpringerNature 以“開放獲取”模式出版。主編由北京林業大學尹偉倫院士及德國哥廷根大學 Klaus v. Gadow 教授共同擔任。編委隊伍共包括來自19個國家的57位優秀學者。目前,《森林生態系統》(英文)SCIE,Biosis,DOAJ,Zoological Record,CSCD等數據庫收錄,2年影響因子為2.696,位于林學JCR分區Q1區。

森林生態系統系列研討會是北京林業大學期刊編輯部英文期刊Forest Ecosystems定期舉辦的國際學術會議,迄今為止已經舉辦了13屆,邀請了來自全球多個國家和地區的著名學者做了近200次學術報告,大大促進了林業相關領域的國際交流和合作。14屆森林生態系統國際學術研討會因疫情改為線上舉辦,歡迎大家積極參與交流,并提出寶貴建議!


北京時間/Beijing Time

Sep 21st, Sep 23rd, 7:30-9:30 PM

2020921日、23日,7:30-9:30 PM




參會方式/How to attend


The Meeting Room will be confirmed soon, Room ID and Password will be sent by email before the workshop.

會議組織 Organization


Sponsors: Journal Editorial Department of Beijing Forestry University

會議聯系/Contact information

黃老師(Ms. Huang) huangzhen@bjfu.edu.cn

+86 10-62337915 +86 13811405380

李老師(Dr. Li) lihui@bjfu.edu.cn +86 10-62337915


If a Certificate of Participation is required, please contact Ms. Huang.



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